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“Furnishing the tools to contend for the Christian faith.”

An Equipping the Body of Christ event.



The truth claims of Christianity are increasingly under attack across the depth and breadth of America. Questions, such as “Is Christianity the White Man’s Religion?”, “Did Christianity Plagiarize Ancient Egyptian Mythology?”, and “Aren’t African Americans the True Israelites?”, are being raised to challenge the faith of Christians who occupy urban spaces and places. Unfortunately, too many Christians respond to these types of questions by shrinking in fear, retreating from the public square, or abandoning the faith altogether. Yet, all three of these are unacceptable responses because Christianity is a world and life view that can withstand the intense scrutiny of its most ardent critics.

If you want to gain more confidence in your ability to defend the faith in an increasingly multicultural and secularized society, then the Urban Apologetics Conference 2019 is for you. The UAC will convene at the Greater Grace Temple Church on Saturday, June 1 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and is co-sponsored by Equipping the Body of Christ Ministries and the Bethlehem Judah Church. Come be a part of the urban apologetics movement that is impacting Historically Black Colleges and University campuses, Christian churches, and cities across America!

The conference keynotes and breakout sessions will address the need for and usefulness of urban apologetics; explore how urban apologetics helps believers to fulfill the Great Commission; make the case that Christianity is for every people group, at all times, in every geographical location; and introduce some practical ways to wisely and winsomely contend for the Christian faith.

Please join us at the UAC 2019 so that we may honor the Lord in our hearts and be better equipped to give answers to those who ask us to detail some reasons for the hope that we have in Christ. Opportunities to strengthen our faith, sharpen our minds, and to encourage other like-minded believers will be plentiful, so let’s stand up and represent!



To equip the body of Christ for evangelistic encounters in a religiously diverse and increasingly secular society. The conference rests on firm biblical and theological underpinnings and is a fitting vehicle for preparing Christian believers for the work of the ministry (Matthew 20:28-30, Acts 17:16-34, 1 Peter 3:15, Jude 3).


Receive training from leaders who are committed to equipping, edifying, and empowering the body of Christ.


Become more confident in the truthfulness of Christian claims.

Increase your confidence in the relevancy of the Christian faith.

Explore the role that apologetics plays in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Learn how to respond to some of the objections leveled against Christianity by black religionists, nationalists, and unbelievers.


Become acquainted with the ministries and apologetic resource materials of leading urban apologists

Fellowship with other Christians who take seriously the biblical charge to be prepared to give reasons for their hope in Christ. 


 (8:30 am)



Musical Artistry


Breakout Sessions



Musical Artistry

Breakout Sessions


Q & A Panel


An Introduction to Urban Apologetics

Is Christianity the White Man's Religion?

Apologetic Evangelism in Action: Acts 17:16-34

Urban Apologetics Q&A Panel

Engaging Egyptian Kemetic Spiritualists

Engaging Black Hebrew Israelites

Engaging Black Atheists, Secularists, and Humanists

Engaging the Nation of Islam and the Five Percenters



VOCAB MALONE was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He holds a Master’s Degree from Phoenix Seminary (2014) and engaged in postgraduate doctoral work at Talbot School of Theology (2014-16). Vocab’s ministry focus is urban contextualized apologetics and engaging audiences via social media. He hosts a bi-weekly livestream show, The Street Apologist (the program first began on traditional radio in 2008). Vocab has participated in dozens of debates and dialogues with Muslims, atheists, “Hebrew Israelites”, and others. He is the author of Barack Obama vs. the Black Hebrew Israelites: Introduction to the History and Beliefs of 1West Hebrew Israelism (2017), a contributing author to Our God is Triune: Essays in Biblical Theology (2018), and a freelance contributor to the Christian Research Journal. His second book, Do Your Research: Answering the Alternative Urban Spiritualities, is set to release in 2020. Vocab enjoys espresso, geek culture, and Christian hip hop. Vocab currently resides in Phoenix, AZ.


ADAM COLEMAN is passionate about equipping Christians with evidences for the faith and engaging the culture. He is a husband, father of three busy children, social worker, writer, and public speaker. Upon graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Master’s in Social Work, Adam began a career of community development, mentoring youth, and service to our nation’s veterans. Currently, Adam is primarily focused on using his “Tru-ID Podcast,” writing, and public speaking to promote the gospel of Christ through Christian apologetics.


KEVIN LAWSON is a native of Detroit, MI and holds the following earned academic degrees: Bachelor of Science & Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor); Master of Mathematics Education & Master of Arts in Applied Mathematics (Wayne State University); Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation, Master of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling, and Master of Arts in Theological Studies (Ashland Theological Seminary); Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Statistics, Evaluation, and Research Methods (Wayne State University); and a Doctor of Ministry in Christian Apologetics, Culture, and Worldview Studies (Biola University). Kevin is also licensed as a professional counselor by the State of Michigan (LLPC).

Kevin is happily married to the love of his life, Kendra Éthel, and their union has produced a handsome son and a beautiful daughter. His wife is an extraordinary woman of God who keeps Kevin balanced while simultaneously holding him accountable as a man of God, husband, father, and friend. 

Kevin has taught undergraduate level courses in mathematics and statistics at several academic institutions, including the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and the Wayne County Community College District. He has also taught graduate level courses in the departments of Christian History & Theological Studies and Pastoral Counseling at the Ashland Theological Seminary – Detroit Campus. His academic interests include systematic and philosophical theology; Christian apologetics; the moral, intellectual, and spiritual formation of Christian believers; integrative approaches to psychology and Christianity; and varieties of African American unbelief. 

Kevin is a member in good standing and currently serves as one of the teaching pastors at the Bethlehem Judah Church. He is a gifted teacher of the Word of God who aims to equip, edify, empower, and encourage others. He and his wife, Kendra, also serve as pastoral counselors to both married couples who are experiencing problems in living and pre-marital couples preparing for covenant unions.


PASTOR JEROME GAY JR., was raised in Southeast Washington, DC and moved to the Raleigh, NC in 1997 to attend Saint Augustine’s College for his undergraduate studies, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

While there, he founded a campus ministry that emphasized the gospel and biblical orthodoxy in the urban context. The ministry grew campus-wide with many trusting Christ as Savior, upon graduating he served as an elder for several years and after fervent prayer was led to plant Vision Church in October of 2010.

Vision Church has grown by God’s grace and is impacting the inner city of Raleigh by missionally engaging the city with the gospel of Jesus Christ through discipleship, leadership development, service, and social empowerment.

Pastor Jerome serves as the Pastor of Teaching and Vision at Vision Church. Jerome has a vision to see gospel-centered churches and leaders raised up within the urban context and sent out to plant other gospel-centered churches. Jerome is married to Crystal Gay and the father of a lovely little girl Jamari Gay and son Jerome Jordan Gay III.

Jerome has his Master’s Degree in Christian Studies and Ethics from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.



PASTOR HARVEY BURNETT is a husband of nearly thirty-four years, father of two children, and an ordained minister of nearly thirty-three years. He is the founder and current pastor of the New Bethel Church of God in Christ in Peoria, Illinois. He is also the Superintendent of the T.T. Rose District in the Illinois 3rd Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ.

He completed undergraduate courses at the Valdosta State University where he majored in medical technology. He completed additional undergraduate courses in the Christian ministries department at the Master’s International School Of Divinity.

Pastor Harvey Burnett, among many of his other accomplishments, is a certified valuing diversity trainer with the PACE Group and is an expert in victim’s advocacy issues. He is also a licensed insurance professional, a community advocate in both crime and violence, and a mentor to many secondary education students.

He is the founder of many ministries and community organizations, including the Peoria Association of Pastors for Community & Spiritual Renewal, Peoria Inner City Track Club, Facebook group “In Defense of the Faith,” The Dunamis Word blog, and the Dunamis Insurance & Business Services.

Pastor Harvey Burnett is also the head boys track coach at the Manual Academy High School, as well as the head of the “I Am My Brother’s Keeper Christian Advocacy Council,” a ministry dedicated to the spiritual health and well-being of individuals who have suffered clergy and church related sexual harassment, abuse, and misconduct.  

He is the creator of the Community & Classroom Hero Campaign to combat disruptive classroom behavior, crime, violence and school bullying and is currently writing two books entitled “Ministering Effectively” and “Burning the Past with the Brightness of the Future.”

Pastor Harvey Burnett is an advocate of theological education and has dedicated himself to the study and ministry of Christian apologetics. Additionally, his research studies have tried to determine the impact of various theological systems on the church, society, and people of African descent. 

The Conference will be held at


Conference Center

23500 W Seven Mile Rd.

Detroit, Michigan 48219



(Conference material and meal included)

The three-fold mission of Equipping the Body of Christ is (1) to strengthen marital relationships by promoting a covenantal conception of marriage exemplified by permanence, oneness, intimacy, selflessness, mutuality, and exclusivity; (2) to equip Christians to more effectively declare and defend the historical truth claims of Christianity; and (3) to encourage Christians to live virtuous lives characterized by the fruit of the Spirit, as well as by a deep passion for truth, an unquenchable thirst for holiness, and unfathomable compassion for others. 


The primary vehicles for accomplishing the three-fold mission are Christian Worldview & Apologetics lectures, seminars, and conferences; Marriage Check-Up workshops and retreats; and Spiritual Formation & Discipleship lectures, podcasts, blogs, retreats, and small group experiences.

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